CaptureSituation: This leading host provider began to see a decrease in growth rates as the competition in the cloud market increased. The company realized their current sales model seemed immature in comparison due to lack of investment. A heavily inbound sales model needed to develop outbound capabilities to increase sales growth against the competition.

Challenge: The company’s sales team did not have clearly defined roles leading to poor sales growth and missed opportunities. New and existing sales reps were unsure of their role in the customer lifecycle. To successfully compete in the cloud market, the company needed to design a sales model aligned to its growth strategies through increased effectiveness both in acquiring new customers and cross-selling the base. This new model design not only needed to address these challenges, but also needed to be implemented while protecting existing revenue sources.

Solution: The Alexander Group conducted a full eight-pillar assessment including: time and investment benchmarking, interviews and other qualitative and quantitative analyses. Through one study, a significant bookings deficiency was supported by four high-level finding areas: tech and product specialist misalignment, insufficient cross-selling efforts, limited outbound capabilities, and high friction processes. While these issues did not affect all segments equally, systematically addressing them organization-wide would push the company’s rep productivity to and beyond the benchmark. After the full review, the Alexander Group worked with this host provider to design and implement a new sales model with their team of sales leaders and other key stakeholders.

Benefit: The new sales model increased organizational focus on the most impactful growth levers in the company. It assisted in driving greater sales alignment with overall strategy and other functions within the company also (support, marketing, products). In addition to the new sales model, a future-state coverage map was designed to highlight new and existing roles and their role in the customer lifecycle.

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Insight type: Case Study

Industry: Technology, XaaS

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Revenue Growth

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