wellpoint-productivity-cs.inddSituation: A provider of national, large and small group plans was struggling with sales productivity. Sellers were ineffectively spending time on account pursuits and maintenance, while support resources were unsuccessfully assisting sellers with middle and back office activities.

Challenge: With a goal of ensuring alignment to world class sales programs, sales leadership wanted to assess the sales organization’s current practices and activities to determine its degree of efficiency and effectiveness. Their goal was to identify best practices and build a roadmap of prioritized initiatives to improve overall sales effectiveness.

Solution: To understand and document current practices, Alexander Group conducted a sales time analysis to identify how both sellers and non-selling resources spent time on different activities. We assessed the current time allocation as well as reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of the current sales process, which led to the development of a prioritized list of improvement opportunities. Through collaborative working sessions with the key company stakeholders, we built a detailed roadmap of actionable recommendations.

Benefit: The company implemented a modified coverage model with additional job roles. One of the key recommendations – streamlining essential activities and offloading non-essential activities to support resources – resulted in increased sales productivity for the sales reps. With improved sales enablement and a differentiated sales process for new vs. renewal selling, sales reps were more effective and focused.

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