According to the 2013 Sales Pulse Survey, conducted annually by the Alexander Group, higher growth companies invest more in their sales organizations than moderate and low growth companies. Is this investment simply to service higher demand…or are these sales forces actually stimulating higher growth? That is an important question. Consider the following:

1. High growth companies in the survey come from a representative sample of industries. A single high growth industry does not dominate.
Top Growers by Industry
2. High growth companies are investing across the entire spectrum of sales resources. They out-invest their peers in direct sales, sales operations and  inside sales. These are the thoughtful actions of sales leaders who aim to stimulate growth, not just react to it.

High Growth Companies
3. High growth companies see their customers through a different lens. Just about every participant agrees that customers have become more demanding since the recession. But leaders from high growth companies use very different words to describe WHAT their customers are demanding. They see customers demanding SERVICE and SOLUTIONS. Leaders at moderate growth companies see their customers demanding better PRICES. Leaders appear to be investing in the sales organization according to the role it is expected to fill; where value is key, investment in sales is significantly higher.
High growth companies see their customers through a different lens

The differences don’t end there. High growth companies will focus on different segments and implement different sales strategies as well. Conclusion; it’s not just the planned results that separate high growth companies from the rest. It is the role of the sales force in producing these results that also stands out. In high growth companies investment in the sales function plays a role in producing the desired results.

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