At the 2014 Chief Sales Executive Forum, our luncheon keynote speaker was Bill Taylor, best-selling author and founding editor of Fast Company Magazine. Drawing on his vast experience in working with innovative companies and imaginative leaders, Bill used a series of case studies and stories to showcase some fascinating examples of how insight-led thinking and selling can transform an organization.

Some highlights:

  • Re-imagine the customer experience – Lexus uses best practices from both the Apple Genius bar and the Four Seasons hotel chain to look at things with fresh eyes
  • The best ideas come from unexpected places – USAA, which serves military families, sends their staff to boot camp to experience what it means to be in their customer’s shoes
  • Make your products and services memorable – Umpqua Bank created a totally different banking experience to actually make it FUN to go to the bank!  – and exponentially grew their market share
  • Become a “brand of the future” – Pixar produces art with a finely honed team, not loosely connected individuals, that delivers a product that is both unique and intensely human

You can transform your company and culture if you don’t let what you KNOW limit what you can IMAGINE.

The illustration below from graphic recorder Kelly Kingman illustrates Bill’s talk in a most innovative way. Enjoy!


We look forward to sharing more graphic recordings of more keynote presentations from the 2014 CSE Forum in the coming weeks.

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