The Alexander Group (AGI) helps clients develop a well-structured, tactical plan to ensure they receive the right results and the right activities. AGI also assists organizations in developing new revenue-generating competencies that can really drive impactful results.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Sales executives develop a new growth strategy. They clearly articulate the new strategy, only to realize no results. Typically the sales organization simply believes that the sales force will figure it out. Alexander Group empowers clients to embed these new competencies into the organization, so they can drive successful results.

When it comes to implementation and change adoption, AGI offers services in four key focus areas:

  1. Tactical Launch – ensures that new programs start smoothly and successfully
  2. Communication – designs programs and strategies for internal communication for the sales force, employees and key stakeholders, plus external communication to customers
  3. Enablement Tools – puts in place tools such as sales playbooks, incentive calculators and other tactical ways to engage and ensure buy-in from the sales force
  4. Decision Support and Project Management Oversight – allows for opportunity to test, learn and evolve

This short video provides a preview of what you will see in a private ViewPoint Briefing with the sales experts at the Alexander Group. Schedule your briefing now.

Learn more@ Alexander Group’s Implementation and Change Adoption practice page.


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Topic: Implementation, Revenue Growth

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