2014Theme-Insight-Led-Selling-logoConsider the following 2014 Sales Pulse Survey facts:

  • About 40% of the market will decide sales opportunities based on perceived value
  • The value segment is growing 2X to 3X faster than all others
  • 80% of sales leaders say the value segment is CRITICAL to their growth ambitions

Alexander Group believes that the most successful sales organizations in 2014 will grow by targeting customers in the under-served value segment and delivering insights that help them improve their business processes and results. That is the gist of “insight-led selling.”

The customer segment that expects value from its vendors is lucrative and growing. For sales leadership this spells opportunity. Leveraging it, however, will not be easy. Companies must invest to help sellers convince sometimes cynical customers that the insights they deliver will translate to real value.

In 2014 Alexander Group will explore how leading companies are investing in insight-led selling to accomplish this. We will examine what they are doing to:

  • Discover what customers value
  • Optimize sales resources to deliver value
  • Ensure that promised results actually occur

Discover what customers value
Marketing muscle has historically been directed to understanding what kind of product customers will buy. Less understood in the business to business world is what decision-makers in complex buying processes actually value. Desired value can range from low prices, to more product function, to process improvements to partnership in creating differential advantage. The ability of a company to meet any of these needs is of course gated by the products and services it promotes. But it is also gated by the ability of the marketing and sales functions to jointly identify what customers are willing to pay for, package products and services to meet their needs and enable the sales force to deliver the requisite value. Alexander Group will explore what companies are doing to gain deeper understanding of what customers value by creating a new and more comprehensive role for their combined marketing and sales resources.

Optimize sales resources to deliver value
Understanding what decision-makers at B2B customers actually want will clarify which types of selling resources to deploy. Price-oriented customers get coverage via the web and/or over the phone. Customers who crave deeper product knowledge get product specialists. Those seeking business insight and improved processes get vertical and/or solution specialists. Alexander Group will explore how sales organizations are producing exceptional growth and profit by more precisely deploying resources to deliver what customers value while optimizing their overall investment in sales resources.

Ensure that promised results actually occur
Companies seek a deeper relationship with customers after the sale. And for good reason. Loyalty, greater share and better references all make good sense. Alexander Group will explore the role of sales in ensuring customer success after the sale is over. This will include looking into how emerging customer success metrics are being used as well as ways to more closely link well regarded service organizations with revenue-centric sellers.

It is a big and important agenda. We look forward to hosting events and surveys to explore best practices in each of these important areas. We hope you will join us in the exploration. Let us know if you have specific questions you would like to explore.

Learn more about the 2014 CSE Forum Series.


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