Markets don’t produce revenue. Customers do.

The job of sales is to connect customers with value that matters to them. Today’s customers demand more from their vendors. Customers want:

  • Lower prices
  • Better products
  • Deeper insights
  • Improved results

Growth depends on targeting the right customers with the right value, presenting it both expertly and efficiently and delivering the promised results. That is this year’s theme: The Go-To-Customer Mandate: Align Resources. Unlock Revenue. Alexander Group’s 2017 Chief Sales Executive Forum Series contains three separate events which will explore how the world’s leading sales organizations are addressing this mandate by aligning resources to unlock revenue.


The Strategy Forum on May 8-9 will cover the Go-To-Customer strategy. Sales leaders are in charge of the top line. Growth is their core responsibility and depends on expertly transforming marketing strategy into executable sales tactics. Bridging the gap between marketing strategy and sales tactics can unlock growth potential. Success depends on deep understanding and decisive action in three areas which the Alexander Group will cover at this Forum:

  1. Customers: Who and where are they?
  2. Messages: What do customers care about?
  3. Resources: What mix of jobs do companies need to persuade and serve customers?

The Operations Forum on June 13-14 will educate executives on how sales operations can lead to increased productivity. Sales Operations is the engine that enables Sales to fulfill this mandate. Great sales ops leaders do this by extracting more value from the marketing, sales and service ecosystem. This Forum will explore how Sales Ops delivers impact in three key areas:

  1. Strategy Implementation: Partnering with Marketing to introduce new capabilities
  2. Sales Coverage: Organizing sales resources to deliver precise coverage to demanding customers
  3. Sales Enablement: Provisioning sellers to deliver the right value to the right customers

On November 8-10, the Annual Forum ties the Go-To-Customer Mandate together with insights on connecting the marketing strategy to sales execution. The 2017 Chief Sales Executive Forum will explore what sales leaders are doing to:

  1. Contribute to their company’s strategy discussion
  2. Identify growth potential in under-served markets and accounts
  3. Distill what buyers really value
  4. Build the business case for investment in sales resources
  5. Run complex organizations with multiple routes to customer
  6. Forge partnerships with peers in other customer-touching functions

Join hundreds of other revenue-focused executives at these exclusive events. See more details on our 2017 CSE Forum Series to explore how the world’s leading sales organizations are arming the right resources with the right tools to deliver the value that today’s customers demand.

Read current insights on the emerging role of the CRO–a hot topic across our 2017 Chief Sales Executive Forum events.

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