Leading companies recognize the importance if differentiating activities, job roles and value messages based on the needs and priorities of the buyer/decision-maker (i.e., revenue motions). Failure to properly align and orchestrate commercial resources leads to wasted activity and lower return on effort. With medical organizations increasing the complexity of both commercial models and product portfolios, the Alexander Group recommends a thorough investigation into the marketing, sales and service activities, as well as the job roles and messages necessary to meet buyer demands.

Doug Beveridge, principal at the Alexander Group, discusses revenue motions and the activities associated with marketing, sales and services that are needed to differentiate your offerings to customers in a way that meets their needs. In particular, at 1:47 in this video, points out why Job Design is the most important piece of any marketing, sales or service motion.

Learn more about building a successful go-to-customer model and how revenue motions can influence this process.

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