Alexander Group will begin the 2020 edition of Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments Commercial Trends study this month, collecting insights from industry leaders.


Re-evaluating Commercial Models is the Top Priority

Historically, Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments companies competed on technology and benefited from well-funded fast-growing markets. Rapid economic shifts have forced leaders to rethink their traditional approaches going forward. Although the best technology may still win the day, the right commercial model drives success.

This study will explore current trends, including the commercial models that industry players are deploying to beat market grow rates, corner growth segments and create sustainable competitive advantage. Research topics will include:

  • Revenue motions: What revenue motions will establish new markets, penetrate growth markets, and mine mature, established markets?
  • New offerings: How should commercial models change as new product and service offerings are brought to market?
  • New account acquisition: How do players increase focus on net new account acquisition and upselling?
  • Marketing channels: How do players create scalable, high leverage channels, including digital, inside sales, account management, and other functions?
  • Sales talent: What is the right mix of specialist, pre- and post-sale skills? What type of technical, scientific and professional sales talent will be part of the evolving business model?
  • Digital transformation: How will companies respond to digital transformation, including revenue motions, sales and marketing channels, workforce talent and retention, and enablement technologies?

We look forward to collecting leadership insights and benchmarks as they cope with dynamic industry changes.

Research Study Goals

The 2020 Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments Commercial Trends Study incorporates the most comprehensive industry trends, data and benchmarks, building on prior studies and insights from over 100 Alexander Group client engagements.

Revenue management priorities are the primary goal of the study, focusing on how to create a profitable growth engine, adopt customer-success principles, align marketing, sales and service, and where to invest in operational resources that support commercial execution. COVID-19 impact and response will also be a key part as we explore emerging commercial models and benchmarks.

The study includes leading-edge trends from top commercial executives and market leaders along with external research insights for key sub-verticals. Participants will have access to in-depth benchmarks on commercial roles, growth drivers, investment profiles and sales compensation.

The Benefits of Participation

Participation is complimentary and confidential. Participants will receive a customized benchmarking comparison as part of the research findings along with an in-depth report of industry trends and developments.

Life Sciences Study Participation - The Alexander Group, Inc.

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