Disruptive internal and external factors continue to drive change in the life sciences industry. Among the evolving trends in life sciences is the emergence of innovative and nuanced go-to-market models that specifically address their go-to-customer approach. Other winning trends center around the deployment of business development resources for competitive takeaways and customizing a sales approach to penetrate growth segments.


In our latest video series, Matt Greenstein discusses two such trends in the Life Sciences and Analytical Instrument industry and explores how sales leaders can thrive in this challenging environment.

Trend 3: New Go-to-Customer New Business Teams for Aggressive Plays Against Growth Targets
-Increase Focus on Winning Competitive Accounts
-SWAT Teams Help Crack Competitive Accounts

3. New Business Teams for Aggressive Plays Against Growth Targets

Trend 4: Customized Sales Approaches to Penetrate Growth Segments
-Growth Segments Require Unique Sales Motions

4. Customized Sales Approaches to Penetrate Growth Segments

Stay tuned as we share additional trends and contemporary responses to market challenges in future articles.

In the meantime, you can learn more about Alexander Group’s Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments practice and how we can help you navigate sales transformation. Or schedule an individualized briefing with our practice leaders, Matt Greenstein and Arshad Carim.

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