AGI-CaseStudies-Media-ProviderSituation: To keep pace with quickly diversifying media markets across the US, a leading cable entertainment and broadband services provider had developed multiple products to augment its traditional spot ad sales and better compete with more accountable media, such as internet advertising. The volume intensive, transactional selling approach required a lot of back-end process administrative work, which meant their sales people didn’t have enough time to prepare comprehensive customer solutions. The company had recently implemented a new inside sales channel to take on more responsibility for smaller accounts. A new customer-facing strategy had clarified job designs, enhanced rules of engagement and created a customer-centric sales organization capable of selling increasingly sophisticated media solutions.

Challenge: After the initial implementation of the new sales model, there were different interpretations of the rollout across the organization. The company needed help driving the change management component of its sales transformation with a consistent approach to ensure the ongoing success of its new solution selling strategy and to fully realize the efficiency of the inside sales channel.

Solution: With interviews and sales time benchmarking studies, Alexander Group assessed the effectiveness and field execution of the new model. Gaps and opportunities were identified around key areas of improvement:

  • consistent sales processes;
  • account channel assignment criteria; and
  • lead qualification procedures.

A complete set of sales tools and communication materials were integrated with a comprehensive training program to ensure swift adoption by the sales team and smooth transition for customers. Initiating semi-annual assessments of sales time allocation within the new process helped confirm adoption and resolve ongoing implementation issues.

Benefits: Using the new sales tools and operational procedures to drive best practice behavior with formalized management feedback, our client was able to successfully launch and manage its sales transformation. New account prequalification tools mean smaller opportunities can quickly and easily transition to the inside sales teams. As a result, the inside sales channel can operate more efficiently, and the business development consultants gain valuable sales time. The comprehensive customer needs analysis methodology is now used across the organization to ensure a consultative selling approach.

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Insight type: Case Study

Industry: Media Sales

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Sales Transformation, Strategy

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