Every year too many medical companies struggle to define and execute an effective commercial planning process. In this podcast episode, Mike Burnett and Mike White, from the Alexander Group, discuss how to translate your revenue growth strategy into an actionable commercial plan.

At 1:01, learn how to organize the planning process with four primary phases:

  1. Set the Strategy – Align on the vision and commercial strategy for the upcoming year
  2. Define Gaps – Understand what you need to improve or optimize in order to execute the strategy
  3. Design Solutions – Work with cross-functional teams to develop detailed solutions for the known areas of opportunity
  4. Implement and Communicate – Roll out messaging to the field, set quotas, post and hire for new job roles

We look forward to sharing more findings from our recent Healthcare Go-to-Customer Study in future articles. Learn more about Alexander Group’s Healthcare practice and how we can help drive revenue growth through more efficient and effective use of selling resources.


Insight type: Article

Industry: Healthcare, Medical Device, Technology

Role: C-Suite, HR/Sales Compensation

Topic: International, Sales Comp

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