Digital Sales is having an explosive impact on how companies engage with customers, especially within the media industry. Lee Brown, chief revenue officer, and Dan Walsh, vice president of sales & business strategy from BuzzFeed, panelists at the 2017 Chief Sales Executive Forum, shared how they were able to remove embedded hurdles in their own organization and empower a new digital sales organization.

When Lee entered the advertising business over 20 years ago, the talent profiles had not changed in decades. Yes, salespeople received annual retraining, but job roles were essentially stable based on relationships. The talent profiles and expectations from 1997 are now obsolete. Even more recent areas of expertise, such as SEO and content distribution, are now automated. Sellers that don’t adapt or evolve are being pushed aside. Thousands of traditionally trained people in the digital sales marketplace lack skills compatible with today’s sales environment; in other words, they are no longer qualified.

Dan and Lee restructured the sales organization at BuzzFeed because the team was insufficiently diverse in terms of capabilities and too narrowly focused. They had to define the right sales profile for a company whose product changes every month. While Lee focused on the talent, Dan focused on whether they had the right number of accounts in the right vertical in the right region. The result was a regionalized and verticalized global sales organization.

Along with this new sales team, the panelists discovered a unique philosophy on empowerment. Lee commented that “not answering every question” can be quite empowering. He tries to minimize the decisions he’s involved with, opting instead to encourage team members to go to one of BuzzFeed’s great line sales leaders, who are closer to the organization. It may slow processes at first but pays off in the long run. Lee noted that it’s hard to empower others but “awesome once they make those decisions.”

Attendee Takeaways

For companies looking to empower their own digital sales organization, the panelists offered some useful advice:

  1. Always be in front of your team–physically or virtually
  2. Encourage your team through visible recognition
  3. Create a culture that is fun, adaptable and flexible
  4. Position sales as the heart and soul of the company
  5. Celebrate failure—people will take risks from which you can learn the truth

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