Another great keynote speaker at the 2014 Chief Sales Executive Forum was Thomas Isett, General Manager, GE BioProcess and Senior Advisor, Popper and Co. He shared his journey to insight-led selling and how he had to rethink both his sales message and his sales execution to achieve the growth he needed.

Some highlights:

  • Rethink the Sales Message – Develop an industry point of view. Take the time to carefully think through your messaging and be sure to create content that shows solutions in a customer context.
  • Rethink Your Strategy Execution – Sellers need to be on the same page, delivering similar messages. Too much variation on a theme dilutes your effort. Align your structure and staff with your strategy. Communicate. Train for the skills needed. Produce relevant collateral.
  • Build Seller Confidence – Clear the roadblocks that slow them down. Use your well-developed point of view to engage customers with “advocacy position,” but always finish the discussion with inquiry.

The illustration below from graphic recorder Kelly Kingman illustrates Thomas’ presentation in a most innovative way. Enjoy!


We hope you have enjoyed these graphic recordings of the keynote presentations from the 2014 CSE Annual Forum.

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