For revenue and operations leaders charged with effectively utilizing sales assets, the right data in the right context with the right expertise is crucial.


Here in the last article of our 5-part series, we focus on sales results. We measure results through outcome KPIs such as account expansion rate, quota attainment and distribution and revenue growth. Tracking and benchmarking these metrics to market and goals can unlock actionable insights across all aspects of sales asset utilization and the go-to-customer model.

Watch the short video to learn how to analyze your sales perception, compare to market and drive impactful model improvements. For example, at 1:34 in the recording, Parker explains that the balance of profitability and growth speak to a company’s overall effectiveness of its revenue growth model.

To learn more about which levers your organization can pull to positively influence your sales assets, contact us today.

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1. Uncover Revenue Opportunities through Revenue Segments
Uncover and capitalize on the best revenue opportunities through revenue segments. Gaining a better understanding of your revenue segments is crucial to improving your go-to-customer model. At the core of it, uncovering and scoring revenue opportunities involves gaining a deeper understanding who your best customers are and capitalizing on those opportunities.
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