In the last half of every year, Alexander Group surveys a select group of top sales executives on their results for the current year and their plans for the next. The 2010 Sales Pulse Survey just closed, and in advance of the full report we’ve analyzed some of the top line findings. The following key points summarize what over 110 top sales executives say about their results for 2010 and their plans for 2011:

  • Two thirds foresee modest positive change in the economy for 2011, anticipating about 2.5% GDP growth.  On balance the economy will neither help nor hurt their selling efforts.
  • On the bright side, more than 50% indicate that actual sales results at the time of the survey in the last half of 2010 had been better than expected.
  • Further, two thirds indicate that, the tepid economy notwithstanding, they anticipate solid 8% sales growth in 2011.
  • The most important drivers of sales growth will be “superior solutions” and “depth of expertise” and therefore, sales executives are placing their bets on customer-centric, not product-centric sales programs.

These sales leaders know that growth driven by better solutions and deeper expertise will require some investment. They also understand that investment dollars will be tight in 2011. So they are employing careful segmentation methods and highly targeted selling effort to ensure the maximum bang for the buck. What is your sales organization doing to drive growth in 2011?

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