AGI-CaseStudies-TechCoClient Situation: A worldwide leader in networking technology and high tech hardware was transitioning from a product focused sales strategy to one of architectural, solution selling. Their system engineer (SE) organization did not align with the corporation’s technology portfolio and evolving customer and partner needs. Furthermore, inconsistent world-wide coverage strategies and definitions of the SE role hindered transparency and created unnecessary organizational complexity.

Challenge: The company needed to clarify worldwide SE roles, coverage strategies, and career development with the goal of increased productivity and organizational ROI.

Solution: Through analysis and field insights Alexander Group examined the client’s go-to-market strategy to identify alignment shortcomings in the current coverage model. AGI identified the need for specialized roles, such as adding new architects to the SE organization.

Benefits: The new worldwide coverage model aligned with customer and architectural sales requirements. Our client improved productivity by reducing time spent on unqualified deals and post sales activities, eliminating eight-legged sales calls and facilitating the inclusion of the right SE resource given the sales situation. These improvements in sales coverage also led to a reduction in required headcount and a 4% reduction in cost of sales.

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Insight type: Case Study

Industry: Technology

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Coverage, Strategy

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