A leading technology company in content delivery faced challenges successfully delivering their growth objectives. The company needed to focus on new logo acquisitions–Identify and Land of the ILAER framework (see Figure 1 below). Optimizing their go-to-customer model was essential in closing the gap between current and aspirational growth.

Figure 1


In this case study, Alexander Group assessed the current situation and recommended sales strategy changes to align the company to the market.

Listen to the video which provides an overview of what AGI recommended. First, the company’s coverage model needed to change. Additionally, two issues required solutions : 1) underperforming new bookings and net new logos (at :25 in video below) and 2) unequal major account responsibilities–sales and service in a kind of Wild West approach did not have clear rules of engagement which resulted in unequal customer experiences (at :45 in the video). Finally, a third work stream included an assessment of the company’s current Customer Success pilot. Alexander Group discovered unequal experience resulted in loss of additional revenue.

Start the complete video below to hear about the company’s successful transformation.

I-LAER Model Focus

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Insight type: Article

Industry: Technology

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Sales Transformation, Strategy

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