telco-cs.inddSituation: A leading telecommunications company’s business was shifting from voice to video communications. As a result, their sales cycle was also transforming from a transactional sales model with IT buyers, to a solution sales model with business buyers. With these new market opportunities, competition was intensifying, especially at the top end of the market. The company had limited visibility into the total telecommunications needs and revenue potential of current and prospective accounts. With insufficient data to qualify territory potential, many sales resources focused on unprofitable accounts.

Challenge: The company wanted to identify specific companies and target vertical markets with a high propensity to buy, and quantify sales potential by account and collectively by territory assignments.

Solution: Alexander Group built a database of 10,000 target companies worldwide to determine key criteria driving telecommunications purchases – number of knowledge workers, company size, gross margin, dispersion of employees, growth trends and other factors. Using this data, we were able to calculate the sales potential for each account. Based on existing territories, we analyzed the account sales potential to evaluate sales coverage and penetration by seller. AG also designed an on-going management process to track sales conversion results and refresh the target list annually.

Benefits: As a result of this engagement, the client had quantifiable data to support key account distribution and territory definitions. The client used the sales penetration estimates to make coverage decisions for each geographic region, based on the incremental revenue opportunity. Our findings refined the target lists for key accounts and created a prioritized prospect list for territory sellers and inside sales. These initiatives led to an increase in sales by 8%.

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