kingmanink_alexandergroup_cropanel-250Sales organizations continually explore how to meet the needs of ever more sophisticated customers. One recurring action at companies is the creation of a chief revenue officer (CRO) position to unify leadership of marketing, sales and service.

At the 2016 Chief Sales Executive Forum, a panel of chief revenue officers shared their challenges and experiences in this role. The panel included Sal Abbate–Andersen Windows, Larry Dunivan–Ceridian, Kim Kelleher–WIRED Media Group and Sal Patalano–Lenovo Software.

The panel discussed several key points:

  • New Imperative–Sal Abbate explained his company’s new model: Marketing + Sales + Service = Alignment for Results. When you connect marketing with business sales goals and ensure repeat demand thru customer experience, you combine everything into one function and begin effectively marketing to your customers.
  • Removing Obstacles–Through Larry Dunivan’s experience, he notices that the CRO has a better view of the value chain by connecting touchpoints and removing obstacles. His role looks at the intersections and transitions in the sales cycle to understand where the most impact lies.
  • Empowering Others–Sal Patalano sees the CRO position as a jack-of-all-trades and is involved with every piece at every level. The CRO can empower people to cross divides and focus on outcomes.
  • Diversify Revenue Streams–Kim Kelleher shared that her role is to bring new solutions for revenue and customers. As a CRO, she sets expectations with customers, sets sales representatives up to succeed and acts as a consultant for the company.

The illustration below from graphic recorder Kelly Kingman illustrates the CRO panel presentation in a most innovative way. Enjoy!

kingmanink_alexandergroup_cropanel-1000For more insight into the emerging Chief Revenue Officer role, download our recent whitepaper, Observations on the CRO, or listen to our recent podcast on this same topic.

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