At the 2015 Chief Sales Executive Forum, keynote speaker Daniel Pink, best-selling author of “To Sell is Human,” revealed the new guiding principles of selling incorporating the evolution of sales. Customers now have just as much — if not more — information as the seller, creating an information parity.

The new ABCs:

  • Attunement – Sellers should get out of their own heads and see another person’s point of view to find common ground. Sellers should dial down feeling powerful, understand interests not just feelings, and mirror their customers.
  • Buoyancy – Sellers should strive to stay afloat in the ocean of rejection that is sales. Failure to sell isn’t necessarily personal. Rejection can be used to become more persuasive in a sale.
  • Clarity – Sellers need to migrate from accessing information to curating it and making sense of it. Not only do they need to move from solving existing problems to identifying hidden problems, sellers also need to make sense of the sale and separate signal from just noise.

The best sellers are ambiverts – a little bit extroverted, a little bit introverted. Most people fit in this category. These sellers perform the best in sales because they are versatile. The key to a great sales team is superior training. Explaining the new landscape and these new ABCs will help the seller understand the customer’s needs.

The video below is the creation of the visual note from graphic recorder Kelly Kingman illustrating Daniel’s presentation. Enjoy!

See finished image

The Alexander Group looks forward to sharing more visual notes of other keynote presentations from the 2015 CSE Forum in the coming weeks.

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