There’s no doubt medical device companies must transform to thrive in the ever-changing medical industry. But what sets high-growth companies apart from their low-growth counterparts? Alexander Group’s recent Medical Device Go-to-Customer Study found three distinct differences in their sales models. High-growth med device companies:

  • Invest more in their sales organizations
  • Deploy more specialized & support roles to drive field representative productivity
  • Make higher KAM program investments to capitalize on consolidated health system revenue opportunities

Listen to this short video discussion about these revenue-enhancing actions—note at 00:39 how the study ensures the accelerated growth is not due solely to revenue from new products or higher paid representatives.

To learn more about high-performance investment strategies and other findings from the Medical Device Go-to-Customer Study, request a complimentary briefing today.

Discover more about the Alexander Group’s Medical Device practice and the services that can help drive revenue growth through more efficient and effective use of selling resources.


Insight type: Article

Industry: Healthcare

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Strategy

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