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At Alexander Group, we use extensive research to support our consulting engagements and bring you the solutions to achieve revenue growth.

It becomes easier to accept risk and initiate change when you have credible benchmarks available. Research you can trust – with the type of data that leads to actionable insight. We base our opinions on experience and facts. Some of these insights are derived from our general project data – the thousands of distinct data points on sales utilization and revenue growth that feed our benchmarking database and keep our knowledge current.

Additionally, each year we conduct multiple surveys that increase our collective knowledge on revenue growth and best practices. Survey topics range from general practice to industry and company-specific issues and actions.

Cross-Industry Surveys

These surveys are conducted annually, and provide top line observations. Participation is free, and offers you easy access to contemporary quantitative information on sales related insights, predictions and trends.

Our one-of-a-kind surveys include:

Industry-Specific Surveys

We conduct multiple targeted, industry-specific surveys per year. Results from these yield deeper insights into what drives revenue growth from an industry perspective. Participation is usually free. Participants receive a complimentary findings report comparing their data to the rest of the market.

Research Opportunities:

Briefing Offers:

Client-Specific Surveys

These custom surveys are sponsored by individual companies. The sponsoring company benefits from highly targeted data that focuses on specific issues, and other participants gain access to the aggregate data.