Research Briefing

Healthcare Bio-Pharma Field Rep Survey Findings

Data and insights from participants across oncology, neurology, immune system diseases, cardiovascular and pain management

Significant market dynamics are greatly impacting bio-pharma reps.

  • 75% of clinical trials are occurring outside of “big pharma”
  • 50% of new products are orphan drugs
  • Biosimilars are now a more acceptable alternative due to product price increases

With these adverse market conditions, high performing bio-pharma companies are providing additional support to sales reps:

  • 54% are more likely to have a managed care team
  • Pay levels are 6% higher than low performing peers
  • Reps are leveraging digital capabilities
  • Firms are providing a strong omnichannel presence

What additional attributes should bio-pharma companies be considering to help sales reps adapt to evolving market headwinds and customer needs?

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