Research Briefing

Commercial Practices to Drive Profitable Growth & Valuation

Most healthcare executives are confident that they can achieve their 2023 revenue growth goals, which is the most optimistic outlook since the start of the pandemic.

80% of healthcare companies are growing, with 45% having revenue growth goals that exceed their 2022 growth rates.

Alexander Group surveyed over 1,000 companies covering 13 metrics categories including pricing, sales, marketing, customer service, innovation and more. Based on our client engagements and the recent survey, the following highlights were extracted:

  • Profitable growth healthcare leaders produce 8% of revenue from new customers
  • High performers in healthcare are monitoring the interconnections of marketing KPIs from reach to response and results to return
  • Healthcare leaders have a 1.5x higher revenue per seller compared to peers
  • 93% of healthcare leaders are maintaining or increasing customer success manager headcount in 2023

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