The coming quarters will be a transformative time for the Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments industry. Instrument-installed bases have exploded. Demand for the industry’s solutions is at an all-time high. Commercial leaders must balance capitalizing on near-term growth while preparing for the future.

Alexander Group’s Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments ongoing research explores the current business environment trends that are creating unique opportunities for companies and the top priorities commercial leaders should consider as they plan for the next three to five years.

Market Forces are Exerting Pressure on Commercial Organizations

  • Leading firms have realized sustained double-digit growth
  • COVID demand has accelerated revenue growth
  • Mergers and acquisitions continue to proliferate
  • Inflation and the labor market are impacting talent acquisition and retention
  • Supply chain challenges lead to inventory prioritization and cost-based price increases

Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments leaders are tethering commercial priorities to these market forces.

Customer Centricity: How will companies emphasize customer outcomes in 2022?
Strategy, structure, tactics and governance are anchored to scientific outcomes.

Digital Momentum: How will companies build on “digital” progress in 2022?
Data, process and technology propelling next generation marketing, sales and service motions

Margin Discipline: How will companies emphasize bottom-line via commercial?
Reinforcement of pricing strategy through training, coaching, reporting and policies

Talent Management: What initiatives are being prioritized to respond to the labor market?
Onboarding, training, coaching and career paths combating impact of the “Great Resignation”

Goal and Incentive Alignment: What changes have been made to align goals and incentives?
Frameworks and policies supporting immediate-term realities

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