Drive faster instrument adoption through Customer Success

Applying winning practices in the Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments industry

Alexander Group recently presented at ALDA’s Annual Meeting as a featured speaker and offered practical advice on constructing the business case for Customer Success.

There is a budding adoption of Customer Success principles in the life sciences and analytical instruments industry. Commercial leaders are looking to take a page out of the tech playbook to drive better technology adoption and repurchase. In the highly competitive world of consumables, companies must leverage their account managers, application specialists and/or a new Customer Success role to run proactive adoption plays and ultimately increase revenue growth.

The Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments practice leaders are conducting briefings to provide insights on adapting your commercial models to incorporate these Customer Success activities and discuss how these actions can manifest into roles and proactive customer engagements.

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn how life sciences and analytical instruments companies are bringing the principles of Customer Success into account management, application and field service teams to increase repurchase rates and enhance cross-sell/upsell opportunities.
  • Dive into the four components of Customer Success
  • Gain insights and best practices for building a Customer Success model

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Practice Leaders
Arshad Carim Principal Alexander Group, Inc
Arshad Carim

Life Sciences, Manufacturing

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Matt Greenstein Principal Alexander Group, Inc
Matt Greenstein

Life Sciences

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