Health Insurance Buyers Want More

Corporate health insurance buyers were recently interviewed to share their thoughts on where carriers are meeting their needs and where they’re not. The result―health insurance companies are not meeting expectations in the following areas:

  1. New work-from-home solutions and help communicating them
  2. Broader case management assistance
  3. Self-insurance navigation given a potential claims rebound
  4. Help make wellness more compelling for employees
  5. More cutting-edge, value-added features

So what does this mean for health insurance? The opportunity to optimize sales deployment to win accounts and take market share in 2021!

Our new Health Insurance Survey: Go-to-Market Imperatives for 2021 Growth can help you address the importance and effectiveness of these topics as they relate to account manager roles, work-from-home packages, sales operations, new accounts, sales models and more.

The short survey is complimentary and confidential. All participants will receive a findings report and an opportunity to join Alexander Group’s health insurance sales strategy research which will kick off in early 2021.

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