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Life Science and Analytical Instrument companies have historically competed on technology and benefited from well-funded fast growing markets. Though the best technology may still win the day, the right commercial model makes a difference.

Compare your business processes and performance metrics to other industry leaders. Joining Alexander Group’s Life Sciences & Analytical Instruments Commercial Trends Research to ensure your commercial investments put you on the track to profitable growth.

This study will explore commercial trends including the models industry players are deploying to beat market grow rates, corner growth segments, and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Commercial Trends and Research Focus:

  • Creating a profitable growth engine
  • Aligning resources to fastest-growing opportunities
  • Instituting Customer Success principles
  • Investing in & scaling commercial operations

Key Benchmark Metrics:

  • Revenue and bookings
  • Sales expense
  • Headcount and pay levels
  • New roles and coverage
  • Investment in digital tools

Participation is complimentary and confidential. You will receive a customized benchmarking comparison as part of the research findings along with an in-depth report of industry trends and developments.

Signing up is easy! Simply click here and complete the form. A life sciences and analytical instruments program manager will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

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