Sales Compensation Almanac

2017 Sales Compensation Almanac by David Cichelli


2017 Sales Compensation Almanac
AGI Press, July 2017, 464 pages
Author: David Cichelli
Price: $45.95 + shipping and handling

Summary: Now in its 5th edition! The 2017 Sales Compensation Almanac provides the latest trends, resources and insights into sales compensation solutions. Sales compensation is an important management tool, yet needs constant attention. Excellent designs one year may give way to necessary updates and revisions the following year. Sales compensation stakeholders, including executive management, sales leaders, finance and HR professionals, are often looking for specific resources, survey findings and publications to address sales compensation design and administration challenges. The Sales Compensation Almanac provides the latest research and resources in this space.

Featured Sections:

  • 2017 Sales Compensation Trends Survey
  • 2016 Multi-Country Sales Compensation Practices Survey
  • Sales Compensation: Multiyear Trends
  • Reference Guide to Sales Compensation Surveys
  • Sales Compensation Automation Solutions Vendor Guide
  • Sales Compensation Education Resources
  • Case Studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Articles Listing

Praise for the Sales Compensation Almanac:

“This is a must-have reference book for any sales operations professional that desires to bring an outside-in perspective to their organization.”

“David’s annual Sales Compensation Almanac is a treasure-trove of up-to-date information and trends, which makes it a valuable addition to any sales compensation practitioner’s tool box.”

“The Sales Compensation Almanac is my go-to resource! The surveys provide solid current data that is invaluable when developing sales compensation programs. The Almanac always stays within quick reach for immediate insight into trends and design strategies.”

“The Sales Compensation Almanac is a distinct resource for professionals working with the sales department at all levels of the organization. Engaging, easy-to-read and comprehensive. Must-have for your shelf whether you are developing sales compensation programs or simply want to keep up-to-speed with the latest trends.”

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