Sales Analytics/ Benchmarking

Episode 4: Go-To-Customer Models in the Media Industry

In Episode 4, Alexander Group’s Matthew Rosenthal and Quang Do review data from the 2016 AGI Media Trends Survey and how go-to-customer models are changing in the media industry.


Episode 3: Changes in Distributors’ Go-To-Customer Models

Alexander Group’s Davis Giedt and Andrew Horvath discuss in Episode 3 how distributors’ go-to-customer models are being affected by recent trends, and what the industry leaders are doing to react to them. Learn more here about the 2016 Distributor Growth Study mentioned in this podcast.


Episode 2: Analytics in Action: A case study of a manufacturing company

Episode 2 – In the Analytics in Action series, the Alexander Group takes a look at a manufacturing company that needed to adapt it’s go-to-customer model in the face of an industry going through dramatic changes. As the manufacturing industry continues to transform, leading organizations are adapting their sales models to the increased demands of tomorrow’s customer


Episode 1: The Shifting Cost of Sales Rep Turnover:  A look at how new go-to-customer models impact turnover as software companies move to the cloud.

Episode 1 discusses the unexpected costs associated with sales rep turnover and how hybrid software companies are transitioning to the cloud. From the Alexander Group’s Benchmarking database, the data shows that on average businesses see a 10% drain on net new business due to this turnover. Listen to the conversation to learn how your business can produce better results during this transition and reduce rep turnover.

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