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COVID-19 is having a significant economic and workforce impact on marketing, sales and service organizations.

Make Sure Your Revenue Organization Is Ready

Whitepaper The Digital Revenue Organization: A Watershed Moment

The new operating model features fundamental changes to the way marketing, sales and service organizations engage with customers.

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Whitepaper Revenue Leadership In Times Of Disruption Playbook

An overview of the six critical levers revenue leaders should use to address important mandates to protect the now and prepare for the after.

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Article COVID-19 Flash Survey: How Are Sales Organizations Responding?

Recent survey explores how revenue leaders are responding to the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

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Article Revenue Leadership Actions for Disruptive Times

In many ways, COVID-19 is presenting contemporary revenue leaders with a unique and potentially unprecedented set of challenges.

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Article COVID-19: Adjustments to Sales Quotas

The COVID-19 crisis is compelling sales leadership “to act” and to defend the variable pay of their sellers.

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Sales Compensation

Article Sales Compensation Reset: Best Revenue Recovery Solutions

Discover the best incentive solutions to accelerate sales revenue.

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Article Sales Compensation: COVID-19—Save the Sales Force

Highlights from Alexander Group’s COVID-19 Impact on Sellers’ Pay 3-Day Update Survey.

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Article COVID-19: Sales Departments Seek to Protect Sellers’ Incentive Pay

Is your sales force an asset that will help the company rebound when the COVID-19 crisis abates?

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Article COVID-19: Should You Protect Sellers’ Pay?

Should salespeople’s pay take an incentive pay “hit” because of economic dislocation by COVID-19?

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Article Healthcare Companies Focus on Adapting to a New Buyer Journey

COVID-19 is serving as a catalyst to change the healthcare buyer journey, accelerating changes within organizations.

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Article Healthcare Virtual Roundtable Highlights: A Longer Recovery Leads to Revised Strategies

How companies are focusing on the new realities as they develop their future strategies.

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Article Continuing the Conversation: Healthcare Leaders Look Ahead

Retaining customers and talent while preparing for post-crisis emergence.

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Article Healthcare Leadership Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

Five key themes for healthcare executives during this market disruption.

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Health Insurance

Article How Health Insurance Companies Survive the COVID Recession – Part I

Create a Revenue Management Plan that allows for needed realignment now and growth capability later.

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Article How Health Insurance Companies Survive the COVID Recession – Part 2

Six imperatives of the Revenue Management Plan to weather today’s economic disruption.

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Life Sciences

Article Invest For Growth: Life Sciences Virtual Roundtable Recap

Life Sciences & Analytical Instruments commercial leaders discuss the topic of investing for growth post the COVID-19 crisis.

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Video Life Sciences: Revenue Growth Predictions

Four focus areas Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments companies are embarking on in their 2020 growth plans.

Article Life Sciences: Invest In Growth After Disruption – Part 1

What steps should commercial leaders take to emerge on top?

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Article Life Sciences: Invest In Growth After Disruption – Part 2

Part 2 of this Series: What steps should commercial leaders take to emerge on top?

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Article Go-to-Market Approach: What Changes Are Imminent?

How does a firm determine which go-to-customer approaches must change to position for the upturn?

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Article Manufacturing: Leadership Mandates During Crisis and Preparing for the After

What Manufacturing Leaders Are Doing Now and Planning for the Future

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Article Manufacturing: Sales Comp Strategies for COVID-19 Disruption

Now is the time for MFG sales leaders to review their sales comp programs and consider potential adjustments.

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Article Commercial Teams’ Response to COVID-19

Alexander Group recommendations for commercial teams to sustain their organizations during a crisis.

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Media Sales

Article Media: Sales Compensation Priorities for Now, After and Into 2021

Highlights from Alexander Group’s recent Media Advisory Council (MAC) session.

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Article Navigate Your Media Sales Organization Through Crisis

What impacts are media sales organizations facing and what actions are they preparing to take?

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Article 68% of Media Execs Consider Sales Comp Adjustments

Four actions Media Ad Sales leaders are taking in response to COVID-19.

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Article What Tech Leaders Must Do In the Second-Half of 2020

Discover the four key areas for second-half planning and actions you can take within your own organization.

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Article Are Tech Companies Changing Their Sales Comp Program?

Highlights from our second sales compensation and quota survey to find out what technology companies are doing.

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Article Technology Roundtable Highlights: Revenue Leadership Strategies and Actions

Tactical and strategic actions to help effectively manage through the pandemic.

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Article Weathering COVID-19: What Tech Revenue Execs Need to Know

What specific actions are tech revenue leaders making during the COVID-19 crisis?

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