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Sales Motions Connect Customers to Value

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At the Chief Sales Executive Forum this October, sales leaders from multiple industries will convene to learn how great sales organizations are rapidly transforming from selling things to delivering value and insight. In a complex world where customers expect many different kinds of value … from great products to innovative solutions … enabling sellers to deliver the right value to the right customer is critical. This year’s Forum theme … “Sales Motions:  Connect Customers to Value” … both timely and important.

Why should you be there? …

Theme Background

Greatness in sales today means developing expertise across multiple sales motions – from delivering the deepest insights to C-Suite clients to efficiently quoting price to Procurement. It also requires targeting each motion where it will have the greatest impact.

Doing so requires the skillful execution of multiple Sales Motions. Learn what these motions are and what top companies are doing to deploy them to capture new growth by:

  • Refining The Role of Sales in Connecting Customers Value
  • Learning Why the Sales Function Must Take Charge of the Growth Mission
  • Empowering the Chief Revenue Officer
  • Building The Marketing and Sales Eco-system and A New Partnership To Serve the Customer
  • Using Sales Motions To Manage the Total Customer Experience

Our comprehensive agenda with the highest caliber roster in the market today (comprised solely of current senior level practitioners) features:

  • 10 Speakers (7 Keynotes & 3 Focus Sessions)
  • 6 Executive Panels
  • 7 Foundational Briefings
  • 7 Interactive Roundtables
  • Unprecedented Networking Receptions
  • Golf Tournament and Networking

Nowhere can you gain this level of access to expert thought leadership in a peer-to-peer setting where 85% hold VP positions or higher at Fortune companies.

These are but some of the distinctive qualities of this renowned event … and key reasons why Fortune leaders return with their management teams year after year.

Check out what your peers are saying in our Testimonial Section. Then secure your seat and take charge of your growth mission and destiny in 2016!

Forum Background

Maintaining the highest standards our Fortune executive audience has come to expect every year has remained at the forefront of our mission as the #1 Chief Sales Executive Forum today.

For 14 years, the Annual CSE Forum has provided unmatched insights and deep dives into areas of key importance to sales leaders including:

  • Proven Sales Strategies
  • Sales Force Transformation
  • Key Leadership Imperatives
  • Sales Organization Initiatives
  • Innovative Coverage Models
  • Sales Excellence & Effectiveness
  • Tactical Operational Approaches
  • Best Practice Research & Benchmarking
  • Sales Force Development