Revenue leaders today serve a new kind of customer.

A consumer with soaring expectations…who has experienced the best the B2C world can offer. In this world, they know what 24×7 service means. They expect a frictionless buying experience. And meaningful dialogue, when and how they get information, that begins well before the sale–and extends well beyond it.

These buying experiences are now transforming what business customers expect of their B2B vendors. And in turn, driving fundamental change in how crucial revenue functions (marketing/sales/service) engage, deliver increased value to and service customers around the clock. The era of “push selling” is over. A new and higher bar has been set.

What are revenue leaders and companies doing to steer a new course to a B2B customer-centric “True North”? They’re reimagining and changing 3 key factors in their customer experience:

A radical change in the coverage investment portfolio.
Understand and act on the deep change in the deployment of coverage resources across industries.

Deeper investment to harness digital technology.
Discover why turning to digital means a deeper understanding of customer needs and better engagement at every step of the buying experience.

Intense focus on culture.
Fearlessly build a customer-centric ethic that focuses on both the needs of teams and the impact on performance and drives true accountability.

The 2020 Executive Forum will explore how companies are navigating this new world with a new approach: better coverage of the entire customer experience delivering impactful results for both organizations.  All enabled and enhanced by digital technology…while supported by a strong culture that ensures the customer is always first.


Sales Leadership
Sales & Marketing
Commercial/Sales Ops
Sales/Biz Strategy
Customer Experience/Success
Sales Enablement/Training
Sales Compensation

High-Growth Industries:

General Biz Svcs.
Life Sciences
Medical Device

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The Breakers | Palm Beach

November 18-20, 2020



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