Top line revenue growth. It’s what every healthy business wants.

Who is in charge of the “revenue growth engine”? As one executive sagely put it; “CEOs have the capability to inspect businesses as a whole, but they lack deep insight into revenue production. The revenue officer brings this kind of insight to the table.” Who is the “revenue leader”? Sales executives are, given their skills and responsibilities, stepping into this crucial role.

As they exert influence and turn challenges in to opportunity, revenue leaders have important levers they can use – Revenue Multipliers.

​What Are the Levers to Revenue Growth?

  • Culture

  • Coverage

  • Talent

  • Tools

The 2019 Alexander Group Leadership Series will explore each multiplier in depth; what are companies doing, why and what results they are achieving? There will be cases, insights and dialog about how leaders are leveraging revenue multipliers to better position for growth today and in the long run.

Operations Forum
June 4-5, 2019
The Langham | Chicago, IL
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Operations teams continue to evolve their role in identifying, prioritizing and leveraging the four growth multipliers, including:

  • Turning big data to big insights
  • Developing and delivering the digital backbone
  • Transitioning from sales to revenue operations
  • Building common ground between Marketing and Sales
  • Harmonizing a portfolio of tools
  • Rethinking organization metrics and performance
  • Aligning incentive compensation with the new revenue paradigm

The Operations Forum features keynote talks, panel presentations and interactive roundtable discussions. World class sales operations leaders will share their insights, stories and practical takeaways to help operations teams to adapt to a more complex, unpredictable and risky customer environment.

Executive Forum
Nov 13-15, 2019
The Breakers | Palm Beach, FL
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The 2019 Annual Executive Forum explores why sales leadership decisions are more critical than ever.

Revenue leaders who are charged with growing the top line need access to the multipliers that will enable their success. The 2019 Executive Forum will include stories, insights and dialog about how leaders are leveraging revenue multipliers to:

  • Accelerate growth in a customer centric world
  • Create a culture of learning, agility and customer centricity
  • Retool sales, marketing and service for the digital era
  • Build B2C capabilities in a B2B world
  • Deploy tools, processes and training with lasting impact

Learn how other sales, marketing and revenue leaders are building and executing their growth vision. Hear how they are making revenue growth multipliers work for them.