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  • We add customer value by catering our offerings to maximize individual customer effectiveness, efficiency and cost management.

    David Woods
    President, PENTAX Medical
    Company, Americas

  • We add customer value with experience and use cases that solve customer problems, protect their IT infrastructure, and grow their business.

    Kevin Hooper
    SVP, Enterprise Platform Solutions
    NEC Corporation of America

  • Andrew Sage
    VP Worldwide Partner Led

  • Seeing things from a new perspective helps me make changes in my sales organization to drive more predictability and growth.

    Steve Fitz
    Worldwide Vice President, Customer Operations


Growth Through Sales

The Alexander Group has a single focus: helping the world's leading sales teams drive growth. Backed by 26 years of experience, deep industry data and a proven sales growth methodology, the Alexander Group provides sales management consulting to allow sales organizations to anticipate change, align their sales force with company goals and drive sales ROI. More »

2014 Executive Roundtables

Making Insight-Led Selling Stick

Roundtable: April 29
(2:00 - 3:30 pm EST)

To stand out from competitors, leaders are investing heavily in providing sales personnel with valuable customer insights, both to obtain key customer meetings and reposition as a high-value “trusted advisor” for solution selling. Learn more »

2014 CSE Forum Series

Attend One. Leverage All Three. Your Choice.

Operations Forum – Chicago – April 23-24
Strategy Forum – New York – June 18-19
Reinvention Forum – Palm Beach – Nov 12-14

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April 16th, 2014

The power of understanding Attainable Growth opportunity

Picture9Pharmaceutical organizations have endured substantial change over the past decade. Large sales forces rationalized by outdated promotional response models have become less influential as their physician targets lose autonomy to payers, who exert more control to reduce drug costs. Growing provider networks are increasing their demand for proof of clinical and economic benefits. Combined payer/provider [...] Full Blog Post »



Sales Executives often lack the ability to execute their vision for the new go-to-market strategy. Most sales executives have a clear vision on where they want to lead the Sales Force. But how to lead them there is often extremely challenging. Playbooks enable their vision to become reality. More »