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  • We are transforming our sales organization to address unique customer needs and equipping them with universal shared knowledge.

    Paige Wittman
    VP Sales
    Andersen Corporation

  • We add customer value with experience and use cases that solve customer problems, protect their IT infrastructure, and grow their business.

    Kevin Hooper
    SVP, Enterprise Platform Solutions
    NEC Corporation of America

  • We need to ensure that we are competitive in the market and that our compensation plans both incentivize and retain our talent.

    Brian Frank
    VP, Global Sales Operations

  • We need to equip our sales teams with sharable insights that they can consume on the spot, when they need it, typically on their mobile devices.

    Spencer Hodson
    VP Sales Strategy, Operations and Enablement
    Harmonic Inc.

  • It is very important that our sales team is focused on high-value activities and providing the right insights to our customers.

    Pete Wagener
    SVP, Global Sales Operations
    Arris Group

Sales Consulting

Growth Through Sales

The Alexander Group provides sales management consulting services to help the world's leading sales teams drive revenue growth.
Backed by 30 years of experience, deep industry data and a proven revenue growth methodology, the Alexander Group helps sales organizations anticipate change, align their sales force with company goals and drive sales ROI.
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Executive Summary

101 sales departments participated in this year's 13th annual 2015 Sales Compensation Trends Survey©, sponsored by The Alexander Group. Participants provided data in December 2014 on what occurred in 2014 and what they plan for 2015.

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2015 CSE Forum Series

Three distinct events that show how the right sales motions connect customers to value...and profitable sales growth.

Operations Forum: June 8-9 - Chicago
Annual Forum: October 28-30 - Palm Beach

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May 26th, 2015

Ready … Fire … Aim!

Picture3“Five key pitfalls to avoid when implementing sales transformation.” You sensed it and marketing confirmed that your customers are changing. Corporate strategy says your environment has evolved. Product leaders likely retooled your product and service offerings. And as the revenue leader, you have spent countless hours and, according to the finance team, a lot of […] Full Blog Post »



At the 2014 CSE Forum, the Alexander Group uncovered the five faces of reinvention to help companies sales strategy. They include reaching multiple buyer segments, delivering meaningful messages, bridging department gaps, sales enablement, and redefining the sales culture. More »