mfg case studySituation:
The siloed sales organizations at a global manufacturing and retail company did not align with the company’s strategic vision and lacked a customer-centric approach. Their complex B2B2C sales model did not have a sales enablement function to support sales strategy and execution.

The company needed to identify quick wins and long-term investments that were required to transform the sales organization for future success. They were interested in understanding sales coverage and organizational structure options that would position the client to be able to deliver on their revenue growth goals.

Alexander Group conducted an assessment through interviews, focus groups and a 300+ recipient survey across both industrial and retail businesses globally. The assessment identified key change areas and informed Alexander Group’s recommendations, which focused on segmentation, coverage, organizational structure and sales enablement. Alexander Group recommended an enterprise approach to customer segmentation that would allow a single view of industrial accounts globally. Alexander Group also provided coverage and organizational structure options that aligned more directly to the client’s overall revenue growth strategy.

Alexander Group developed an opportunity model aimed at identifying revenue potential within both existing and potential industrial customers. This model enabled the client to understand penetration opportunities within existing accounts and highlight where revenue opportunity was greatest within priority verticals. This model was used to align investments based on opportunity and focus seller time on the highest potential accounts. Lastly, Alexander Group provided guidance on formalizing the client’s sales enablement function. Improving access to internal and external data and insights would enable the client to provide data-driven insights about customers to their sales teams.

Alexander Group identified six workstreams and collaborated with the client team to develop logical prioritization and sequencing of the change initiatives as part of a broader implementation roadmap. Ultimately, Alexander Group’s recommendations led the client to restructure their sales organization to provide better focus on their industrial customer base globally. The client also invested in formalizing a sales enablement function to provide more effective data and insights to their retail and industrial sales teams.

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