Voice of Customer Research

Use the Voice of Your Customers

Connecting with Customers Through VoC Research

Developing the right products with effective messaging for your customers requires understanding their needs and preferences. Voice of Customer (VoC) research takes you directly to your revenue source – your buyers – to promote your brand, develop new products, and attract and retain valued customers.

Alexander Group helps clients conduct VoC research to gain direct customer insights. Customer feedback and opinions lead to tailored product messaging that solves pain points, improves the customer experience and drives revenue growth.

VoC for a Customer-Centric Product Strategy

Organizations are under pressure to improve customer satisfaction and retention rates. However, solving these issues requires companies to address specific challenges and pain points of their customer segments. Without the right insights, revenue declines as buyers turn to competitors for product solutions.

Customer research insights reveal customer perceptions about your product and services, showing where you have a strong product-market fit – or extensive gap. Across industries, companies look to customer research to provide relevant insights that help them quickly adapt their products and commercial model. The result is information that drives your customer strategies, value propositions, marketing campaigns and sales motions.

Conducting accurate, targeted research remains challenging and too often results in an expensive, time-consuming effort with disappointing results. Customer research includes an extensive number of variables that -without the right assistance – can produce confusing insights. Effective customer research requires:

  • A defined blueprint: Effective research starts with a blueprint that guides your efforts and includes a problem hypothesis, target customer audience, required information and variables to consider. This roadmap will ensure that results are valuable for new product development, product improvement, customer satisfaction goals and additional topics. A blueprint offers a structured approach to ensure your results are actionable and informative.
  • Proven research methods: Your research method will drive your customer results and may include interviews, online surveys, focus groups and related data collection methods. Choosing the right research method requires expertise to ensure you make the most of your investment.
  • Reliable & accurate interpretation: Customer research requires a consistent approach, especially when collecting information across channels and segments. Proper interpretation of your research depends on reliable data to avoid confusion and inaccurate assumptions.
  • Data analytics: Large data sets require strong data analysis capabilities to make sense of customer feedback. In addition, structured and unstructured data require different analytical approaches to avoid misinterpreting the results.
  • Actionable insights: Research results may reveal new opportunities or conflict with existing business goals and objectives. Turning customer insights into opportunities is challenging but can drive revenue growth for companies committed to serving their customers.

With more than 35 years of work with leading global companies, Alexander Group has the VoC expertise to ensure that you use the correct research methods and approaches that lead to customer excellence and revenue growth.

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