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The pharmaceutical and biotech industry has faced significant market dynamics in recent years that greatly impact bio-pharma reps. Alexander Group’s research shows:

  • 75% of clinical trials are now occurring outside of Big Pharma companies
  • 50% of new products are orphan drugs explicitly developed for rare diseases
  • Additionally, the increasing acceptance of biosimilars as an alternative to expensive brand-name drugs impacted the market

To adapt to these evolving market conditions, high-performing pharma and biotech companies provide are adapting more patient-centric commercial models. Commercial changes include more investment in specialist commercial roles, reimbursement support, digital provider engagement, case management, patient support programs and patient access programs.

BioTech pharma companies should consider additional attributes to help their sales reps adapt to the evolving market headwinds and customer needs. This approach can include providing more training and support, investing in new technologies and developing a strong relationship with key stakeholders, such as healthcare providers and payers.

Alexander Group works with biotech leaders to establish sales strategies to support your go-to-market model with specific sales strategies that grow revenue and increase market presence.

How We Help

  • Digital & virtual engagement: Enable sellers to interact virtually with hospital providers through advanced technology and digital capabilities to overcome limited access to providers.
  • Omnichannel strategy: Develop a robust omnichannel process to work in tandem with the primary sales reps so they can focus more attention on high-priority accounts.
  • Alternative resources: Identify the correct mix of core and alternative roles deployed to drive cost-efficient productivity and meet evolving customer expectations.
  • Sales compensation: Align sales compensation programs with go-to-market strategy and ensure pay levels match therapeutic focus and sales motion.
  • Research & benchmarks: Determine current and relevant data, trends, benchmarks and voice of customer research to help guide Sales, Marketing and Operations decisions.

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