Productivity Improvement

Higher Seller Productivity Drives Profitability

Assessing Seller Productivity

Your revenue operations activities focus on coordinating the right resources to ensure you achieve your revenue growth goals. However, addressing the roadblocks that get in the way of seller productivity is also critical.

Low productivity, poorly defined processes, unbalanced territories, ill-defined compensation plans and lack of resources can all result in low seller motivation and productivity.

Alexander Group works with leading organizations to align sales strategy, operations and resources to optimize revenue and efficiently use your sales investment.

Diagnose the Productivity Problem & Drive Improvement

Uncovering the root cause of persistent issues requires analyses that address:

  • Low pipeline fill and conversion rates
  • Sellers not enabled to target the right prospects or revenue segments
  • Messaging not resonating with target prospects
  • Sellers inconsistently approaching the sales process
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities across the customer journey
  • Ill-defined processes with missed details that de-rail closing
  • Sellers spending too much time on administrative activities
  • Territories that are too large or unbalanced
  • Compensation plans or quotas not aligned to strategy, distracting and de-motivating sellers

Assessing these variables will help identify the root causes and create opportunities for improvement. Designing methods to improve seller productivity includes:

  • Leadership: How are you leveraging your revenue and sales leadership? How are leaders collaborating with sellers to enable productivity?
  • Pipeline generation: What roles or digital channels do you have to generate a robust pipeline from new and existing accounts? Are you generating high-quality leads?
  • Support resources: What support or service roles do you have to help sellers maximize their engaged selling time? Do you have roles or other support resources to take specific non-productive tasks off of sellers’ plates?
  • Training & tools: How effective is the onboarding process? What ongoing training mechanisms do you have to enable seller productivity continuously? Do you have effective tools to help sellers find, monitor and understand data?
  • Sales compensation: Are your sales compensation plans designed to motivate sellers to exceed their quotas? Do your programs have the proper measures and mechanics to drive growth and productivity?

Revenue organizations that focus on these practices can increase efficiency while improving productivity per seller. Alexander Group can help you drive your sales team productivity to achieve your revenue goals.

Ready to Diagnose Drivers of Low Productivity?

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