Strategy & Structure

Revenue Growth Begins with Strategy

Strategize for Growth

Positioning your company for revenue growth demands high organizational readiness, including an in-depth look at every facet of the sales organization. But the payoff is worth the effort. Research shows companies benefit from 10-20% revenue gains from implementing successful revenue growth strategies.

Your growth strategy is critical and requires strategic alignment with internal resources, customers and market forces. Alexander Group can help you deploy a sales organization structure that aligns with sustainable revenue growth objectives.

Strategy & Structure for Success

At Alexander Group, we work with you to design a revenue organization that focuses on the optimal sources for revenue growth, methods to achieve your goals and effective ways to sell. The result is a revenue growth strategy tailored to your market opportunity and your organization’s growth phase and includes a structure for successful implementation.

Alexander Group creates sales strategies that address:

  • Revenue segments & forecast: What customer segments represent the most significant opportunity for growth? What customer problems do you address better than competitors in each segment? How do you define and prioritize them? What is the revenue forecast for those opportunity segments?
  • Segment messages: What are the points of differentiation for your product or service? What messages resonate with your sales channels and target customers? How do you best deliver those messages?
  • Revenue motions: Based on your opportunity segments and points of differentiation, what combination of sales motions will help you reach your goals?

You’ll also need to set up your structure by answering these questions:

  • Channel coverage: Are we employing the optimal use of direct, inside and channel routes to market? Are sales investments focused on the right customers?
  • Organization & job design: Do we have the right sales roles? Is each role clearly defined based on product, process and customer focus? Is our sales management structure aligned with our needs?
  • Sizing & deployment: Do we have the correct sales force size? Are deployment ratios for pre-sales, post-sales and specialists appropriate? Is our managers’ span of control reasonable? Are territories well-defined and balanced?
  • Revenue Operations: Do we have Revenue Operations that properly align Sales, Marketing and Customer Success functions to drive our strategic goals? Do they interact with our Commercial Operations to ensure ongoing cost efficiencies and improvements?

Each of these factors are interdependent, and even small changes can have profound effects. Working with your senior leadership and cross-functional teams, we deliver recommendations based on an in-depth understanding of the company and apply the proven methodology and proprietary sales analytics data to quantify results.

Alexander Group works with you to formulate a comprehensive revenue growth strategy. Our expertise comes from working with leading global companies to differentiate their sales strategies and optimize their results.

Prioritize Growth Through Customer Segmentation

Learn more about the first step in creating your sales strategy by identifying the greatest opportunities for growth through customer segmentation.