Maximize the Value of Your Partnerships

Drive Market Share & Customer Experience

Business executives are constantly looking for revenue growth opportunities. As a result, they often direct their focus internally to improve efficiency, train sellers, innovate products and services, or develop new marketing campaigns. These areas of focus enhance the organization’s ability to target and convert new leads and grow its relationships with existing customers, but long-term growth comes from expanding market share.

Many enterprises see revenue increases by forming partnerships with other successful companies that can reach new markets, add value to their services or enhance their delivery capabilities. Alexander Group can help your business establish and strengthen these mutually beneficial channel relationships.

How we help

  • Define strategy: How can you accurately identify target markets, set financial objectives and create a compelling partner value proposition?
  • Target & select: What are the right types of partners for your channel strategy? How can you effectively identify and recruit them?
  • Support & enable: What is the best way to create value-added programs for your partners to foster growth and build capabilities? What parts of the sales cycle are your partner’s responsibilities? How can you manage channel conflict and overlap?
  • Monitor & measure: How do you continually evaluate partner capabilities and performance against financial objectives?
  • Benchmark: How does your channel program compare to that of competitors? What key metrics should you be targeting?

Strengthen Your Channel Partner Relationships

Channel partners are an important means to enable growth and access markets. Channels allow access to diverse geographic and customer markets and help companies stay close to the market as buying patterns and value drivers change.

Additionally, the channel can simplify customer buying, serving as a single point of contact, enabling sourcing and easing the transaction process. Creating and maintaining strong partner relationships can become an essential element of your sales coverage strategy.

Expanding channel partnership investment returns requires a diligent, hands-on approach, but it pays dividends in the value gained from the partnerships. A well-executed channel sales program can extend market reach, add critical expertise to the sales organization and help you meet your revenue growth goals.

Alexander Group can help you strengthen your existing channel partnerships and help you choose new partners that will provide the most value to your business. We leverage our experience, frameworks, research and benchmarks to produce actionable recommendations to help you build sustainable growth in revenue and profit.

Our experience with working with Alexander Group was fantastic. They had really great examples of what other companies were doing that were similar to ourselves, going through a lot of the same changes. Alexander Group helped us have clear steps on how we could overcome our challenges. – Technology VP of Channels
The Alexander Group is outstanding and is the epitome of a trusted advisor. They’re always willing to lend a helping hand. They’re the experts in the field, always available to us and they bring expertise unlike any other in the industry. We definitely see them as a valued partner. – Health Insurance VP of Sales

Need Help With Your Channel Partnerships?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations within your industry to see how they are maintaining and growing successful partnerships.