Sales Productivity Benchmarking

Discover Revenue Growth Transformation Opportunities

Compare Key Sales, Cost, Coverage & Productivity Metrics with Sales Productivity Benchmarking

Alexander Group’s Sales Productivity Benchmarking helps organizations use data to define the right strategy, stay ahead of the competition and confidently make decisions.

Through our proprietary database of 10M+ data points, companies can understand how they stack up to key productivity and efficiency metrics compared to a cohort of their peers.

Drive Commercial Growth Through Sales Benchmarks

It’s not just the benchmark data that is valuable. The actual value lies in using the data to make decisions confidently.

Alexander Group helps commercial organizations by offering:

Proprietary benchmarks & leading practices: We maintain a proprietary database of updated industry-specific commercial benchmarks highly relevant to sales and commercial models across different growth and maturity phases. We use thousands of distinct data points to benchmark organizations against 35+ metrics, including:

  • Commercial sales growth
  • Margin growth
  • Sales and marketing costs
  • Seller productivity
  • Seller turnover
  • Marketing, sales and service headcount ratios
  • Sales compensation and pay practices

Commercial & sales analytics: We work with companies to uncover previously unknown insights that lead to transformation opportunities, supported by objective, industry-specific benchmarks and proven go-to-market strategies. We start by establishing a baseline for tracking the right sales and commercial analytics and offer market comparisons against current and future-state marketing, sales and service models.

Actionable insights: Using 30+ years of deep expertise working with sales and commercial leaders on go-to-market improvement, Alexander Group guides clients with proven methodologies and best practices that embed the right commercial analytics into their organizations for ongoing success.

How Does Your Organization Compare to the Industry?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations to benchmark trends, best practices and challenges in the market today.