Value Proposition & Messaging

The Value of Product Messaging

Value Propositions Tailored to Your Customers

Value propositions state the intended value your customer will receive. However, tailoring your product’s message to diverse customer segments across your product portfolio is challenging and must reflect each distinct set of needs.

Alexander Group helps companies develop clear and compelling messaging that drives sales across unique revenue segments.

Connecting with Your Customer Through Messaging

Clear product messaging sells products. Achieving your revenue growth objectives will be easier with a distinct value proposition and a product portfolio that appeals to a specific customer segment.

Leading companies develop value propositions to defined revenue segments, supported by sales messaging and processes to carry out the brand or product promise. Together, the value proposition and sales message make it easier for customers to understand and receive value from your products.

  • Align Marketing & Sales: Clear messaging makes it easier to align Marketing and Sales efforts, helping both functions to focus on customer value, not just product promotion.
  • Enable sales teams: Provide the messaging, processes and incentives to communicate product benefits for each customer segment while focusing on value-based selling.
  • Grow conversion & expansion revenue: A product mix designed for segment-specific needs can be easier to educate and sell customers on their inherent value and solution capabilities.
  • Attract & retain customers: Today’s products are developed with the customer in mind, using VoC research and customer feedback. Grow relationships using value-based, solution-oriented products that solve pressing problems for your customer base.

Alexander Group works with you to develop the right product mix, value propositions, sales messages and solutions that address specific segment needs and grow revenue.

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