Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Focusing on the Right Customers Through Segmentation & Targeting

Increasing the Impact of Marketing Messages

Buyers expect interconnected, relevant, timely interactions across digital and physical interaction points from organizations today. So, how do you align your resources to the right customers and tailor your marketing messages to these groups?

Customer segmentation and targeting allows marketing organizations to group customers with similar characteristics, efficiently using marketing resources to engage customers how they expect to be engaged.

Alexander Group helps clients evolve their customer segmentation and targeting approaches to align resources, focus on the right customers and drive profitable revenue growth.

Making Segmentation & Targeting Work

Many organizations still rely on single-segment or firmographic customer research efforts. Yet most organizations still struggle to leverage their first-party data fully.

Segmentation allows organizations to identify different groups within their customer base and is a critical enabler in tailoring marketing messages and products to meet the needs of various customer segments.

Focusing marketing efforts on the most promising groups of customers is proven to accelerate outcomes, resulting in higher sales and more efficient use of marketing resources.

Segmentation and targeting are important tools that can help organizations improve their performance. By effectively understanding and using these tools, organizations can overcome many of the challenges they face, including:

1. Validate that their target segments are valuable and worth pursuing by ensuring the organization:

  • Has a good understanding of their customers and what they value.
  • Is able to identify which customer segments are most likely to be profitable.
  • Understands each segment’s needs.
  • Effectively communicates with and reaches their target segments.

2. Ensure that the segmentation and targeting strategy aligns with the organization’s business strategy, increasing the chances of success.

3. Confirm they have the resources and expertise for effective research execution, as segmentation and targeting can be complex and time-consuming.

Alexander Group helps companies develop an effective customer segmentation strategy that results in effective, actionable insights.

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