Org Design & Management

The Modern Marketing Organization

Deploy the Right Mix of Valuable Marketing Resources for Growth

As customer engagement and buyer preferences change, marketing organizations must evolve to meet customer expectations.

Evolving your team to meet new expectations in a cost-constrained environment requires marketing leaders to intentionally design best-in-class marketing functions, define the right roles and organize resources for maximum efficiency.

Alexander Group helps clients build a marketing engine with the proper structure to execute their revenue growth strategy.

Design Talent Models for the Future to Drive Market Acceleration

Organization and job design are central to setting up the structure of your marketing organization. Clearly defined marketing roles and a management structure aligned to your needs will set your organization up for success.

However, your marketing team structure requires asking the right questions, including:

  • Functions & roles: What marketing roles and skills do you need to execute your strategy effectively? What marketing competencies are best suited for your customers and channels? Are there defined, high-priority activities that will maximize their time?
  • Organizational design: How should you organize your marketing engine? What are the reporting relationships? How do you ensure accountability, and what performance metrics will you use?
  • Tools & resources: Do you have the right tools and support resources to enable your marketers? What resources, tools and information do they require to maximize productivity?

Alexander Group helps companies transform their marketing organization to align with new market challenges while focusing on revenue-growth objectives.

New Research: Marketing Insights Study

Alexander Group recently interviewed 150+ marketing executives across industries to share data, insights and viewpoints on current marketing challenges and priorities including segmentation, channels, data, tools and organizational ecosystems.