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Redefining Commercial Coverage

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with New Commercial Models

Welcome to the dynamic world of pharma services where innovation meets excellence to address the evolving needs across the market and customers. The industry has experienced a significant boom and return to normal over the past three years, requiring organizations to improve their go-to-market coverage models across business development, sales and project delivery teams.

What are the critical go-to-market strategies and investments for pharma services organizations as they look to maximize customer retention and increase new customer acquisitions to accelerate growth?

Alexander Group can help navigate these complex challenges by offering innovative solutions.

How We Help

  • Understand TAM, SAM, SOM across your regions, customers and potential prospects. Create account targets for your business development and sales teams to prioritize time and be more efficient.
  • Transform customer-facing and enablement teams, including marketing, sales and delivery. Understand pragmatic coverage models, balancing portfolio coverage, specialty (e.g., applications, therapeutic areas), scale and cost.
  • Clearly define the functions, activities, roles and responsibilities across strategic, product, and downstream marketing teams. Establish best-in-class operating model, campaign management, NPI processes, and success metrics.
  • Streamline the handoff process between sales and project management & delivery teams, clearly defining responsibilities to ensure smooth and efficient service.
  • Invest in commercial enablement teams to integrate customer-facing teams, act as a strategic advisor, drive commercial efficiency, and enable your commercial talent.
  • Develop sales compensation and quota programs to motivate and achieve more aggressive business goals. Create incentives and performance metrics that align with your company’s overall business objectives, motivating sales teams to exceed their targets.

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