Structure & Org Design

A Look Behind the Curtain of Revenue Operations

Map the Right Structure to Your Growth Stage and Needs

Revenue and Commercial Operations models need to evolve over time as your organization progresses through growth phases. That is why it is critical to determine the optimal structure for each RevOps function and consider the different options, along with their implications and investment requirements.

Alexander Group uses industry benchmarks and considers organizational nuances to craft the appropriate organizational design. Together, we’ll look at and determine the specific functions that drive growth for your business. We’ll consider different options, including new capabilities, centralized versus local processes and what’s in place today.

An efficient Revenue Operations function drives results with an operational model that includes ideal role considerations that ensure alignment with activities and minimize redundancies. Sizing your headcount and building a transition plan is critical to meet financial objectives and operational needs.

Your commercial plan requires the proper role and responsibility alignment to drive growth. Alexander Group can assist you in developing the right model that supports the resources needed to drive growth.

Get the Most out of Your RevOps Investment

Choosing the optimal way to structure your Revenue or Commercial Operations function to align with your organization’s needs and growth phase can be complex. Options include:

  1. Using a decentralized function is owned and carried out within the business
  2. Centralizing your corporate team, so they operate as a shared service
  3. Leveraging Centers of Excellence where revenue operations teams establish best practices, allowing businesses to execute locally

However, maximizing RevOps effectiveness in any structure requires the right mix of talent and resources. Key questions include:

  • Can your firm achieve greater efficiency through better overall process consistency and governance? Our design projects focus on analyzing and developing the necessary processes to ensure consistency and proper governance.
  • What is the appropriate headcount investment for your RevOps? We provide high-level revenue operation-specific benchmarks to assess your investment and design an organization based on strategic leadership imperatives and efficient use of resources.
  • Do you have the right RevOps capabilities? Alexander Group helps you design for short-term needs based on under-developed areas and the long-term vision accompanied by an implementation guide.
  • Can you strike a balance between Global and Regional teams? We create designs that balance regional and global team requirements across a govern, design, execute and support continuum.
  • Do you have the right revenue operations roles? It is essential for design projects to work with leaders using the optimized RevOps structure and establish the appropriate positions required by each function.

Alexander Group can help ensure you have the right structure and organization design for your Revenue Operations function, helping you get the highest return from your investment while supporting sustainable revenue growth. We help you determine which functions can be centralized and how your organization can drive accountability across regions and business units from a centralized team. In addition, we provide structure and organizational design assistance, helping your commercial leaders develop the proper structure to maximize RevOps ROI.

RevOps Research & Benchmarking

Get access to the latest research and benchmarks to help shape your RevOps strategy.