Partner Org & Engagement Model

Partnering for Success

Engaging with Partners to Drive Revenue Growth

There are various ways to engage with your partners for effective program outcomes and sustainable revenue growth. You can ensure ROI on your program by providing regular communication, training, monitoring and dedicated internal resources to your partners.

Alexander Group can help you design the right organizational and engagement models to get the most out of your partnerships.

Partner Engagement Drives Sales

How do your partners fit within your organizational structure? One step in outlining your partner engagement model is identifying the internal resources that will work hand in hand with your partners.

For example, many organizations deploy an internal channel manager role to oversee the partner program and framework, lead partner negotiations, review contracts, track performance and build relationships.

Alexander Group can help you design the responsibilities, rules of engagement and compensation plan for your channel managers. We can also help you create your partner coverage strategy by answering these questions:

  • Role design: What internal roles do you need to work with your channel partners? For example, do you need internal roles dedicated to working with specific channel partner types, such as a VAR manager or distributor manager? Or should you deploy a general channel manager to work with all partner types?
  • Deployment: Do certain strategic channel partners require dedicated or specialized coverage or support? How are channel partners assigned if you deploy multiple internal channel managers?
  • Rules of engagement: How will your internal channel management roles interact with your channel partners? What are the roles and responsibilities of your channel managers?
  • Headcount: How many channel managers do you need to cover and support your channel partners effectively?

Implementing a structured engagement model for your partners will promote clear communication and collaboration and is integral to building lasting relationships and driving revenue growth.

Need Help With Your Channel Partnerships?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations within your industry to see how they are maintaining and growing successful partnerships.