Research that answers questions and solves problems

It becomes easier to accept risk and initiate change when you have credible benchmarks available. Research you can trust—with the type of data that leads to actionable insights.

At Alexander Group, we base our opinions on experience and facts.

Some insights are derived from our general project data — the thousands of distinct data points on sales utilization and revenue growth that feed our benchmarking database and keep our knowledge current. The rest is from our yearly research opportunities that increase our collective knowledge on revenue growth and best practices. These opportunities include surveys ranging from general practice to industry and company-specific issues and actions, virtual roundtable discussions, advisory councils, symposiums and forums.

Current Research Openings:

Healthcare Industry Trends Study

As a healthcare leader, how can you meet the needs of the rapidly changing buyer journey in 2021? Compare your business processes and performance metrics to that of your competition! Set the rules for winning by joining Alexander Group’s Healthcare Industry Trends Research.
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Life Sciences Industry Trends Study

As Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments commercial leaders capitalize on near-term growth, they must also evaluate the market trends that will impact progress as they plan for the next three to five years. Join the study to weigh in on industry strategies, insights and metrics and receive a full report of the findings, including custom benchmark comparisons.
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Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Trends Research: Strategies | Insights | Metrics

Digital is altering the way customers interact and purchase your offerings. Integrating sales, marketing and service to provide customer value will differentiate your firm, command a premium and deliver sustainable growth. Compare your business processes and performance metrics to your competition to see if you’re hitting the mark.
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Media Sales Industry Trends Research

Given all the factors that are pushing for a more agile sales organization, are you prepared to take on the new revenue mandates for growth in 2021 and beyond? Join Alexander Group’s latest Media Sales Industry Trends Research to gain the latest insights and best practices to maximize your opportunities for growth.
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XaaS Research: Revenue Models and Productivity

Address critical go-to-customer model dynamics, best practices and industry-specific insights by participating in this on-going research.
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Gain A Fresh Perspective Research Briefings

Sponsor a customized survey to benefit from highly targeted data that focuses on specific issues, while other participants gain access to the aggregate data.

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